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Don't Get Any Order :(

Hello Everyone, How are you all? I am very disappointed about my Fiverr Profile. For the last 1 month, i didn’t get new orders. What’s the problem with my gig. I don’t understand. can anyone help me with this problem.
Thank You.

Your gigs cater to restaurants, business events, and party events.

The pandemic is still severely impacting the markets you are currently targeting, so the demand is very likely not there.


After being promoting level 2 very low order and message as well. I wish I will get order after next evaluation.

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ok. I think about creating social media banner type gig. is it will be effective?

i will get level 1 very soon

I have no clue.

I focus on the fields that I am personally in. I just made a common sense deduction based on current circumstances on why your gigs might be under-performing.

Same here :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wait and work hard…