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Don't get any sell in 5 day


Hello I don’t get any sell in 5 day. Please help me how can I get best sell in this gig


Lots of valuable information here in the forum, you just need to search for it.


People say, December is a festive month - not sure, this could be the reason.


5 days only, people are out there waiting for 5 months, you must find a way out by yourself to convince and sell.

No one can give you a perfect formula.

Just market your gigs, in the proper way


My Fiverr business has slowed SIGNIFICANTLY for the last six months. I’ve been using the time to work on other projects and think about new gigs. Fiverr is not my primary source of income, but I hope to be freelancing full time in a year or two. Just don’t waste the time. Come up with a new gig. Work on getting better at your craft. Just keep working. It will help keep your mind off things and in the long run help you expand and grow your business.

Keep in mind that you are not the first person to experience this. Check out the forum for ideas that helped others.