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Don't get flagged as a spammer!

I recently discovered that Fiverr will suspend your account and basically automatically shut you down if they think you’re a spammer, which is good for actual spammers but not for me who happened to get picked up by the watch dog. I have an advertising gig on my blog so in order to save myself time and typing effort I would copy and paste messages about scheduling to everyone who was set for that particular day. The day before this blew up on me I was stoked about how fast I got through my scheduling and communication routine with all the CtrlV, Enter I was doing. Lesson learned… TYPE AT LEAST PART OF THE MESSAGE TO BE PERSONALIZED! I lost a good part of my morning and possible orders waiting for customer service to unfreeze my account and get everything set back up. Luckily they were pretty fast :slight_smile:

this has happened to me

This is good to know, and thank you for sharing! I understand why you did what you did, but also why Fiverr has to depend on automated programs and screens to help them maintain the integrity of the site. Glad to hear you got the situation resolved quickly!

When buyer requests still let me send individualized messages to buyers, I had this happen to me temporarily. Your best bet if you want to send a customized message is to save it into a text document, send a generalized message that is unique & attach that file.

Strange this happened to me as well 5 days back. I had 5 or 6 messages in the morning. I replied to all of them in 2 minutes and boom Fiverr suspended my account. My gig went off line and remained inactive for 2 days. When contacted the customer support , they told me that my messages were marked as spam. I told them to show me one such message and they replied that they cant.

I am worried that it might happen in future as well.