Don't get fooled for High PR gigs as they can destroy quality of your website? Let me show you how


People want to rank there website in Google within no time. But guess what, they end up getting banned in Google. Its true, i have seen this many times and I show you as well. There are many gigs on Fiverr, that promise you good rankings by giving quality backlinks from there own sites.

I did an experiment like this…

I put a Buyer Request that I want quality backlinks with PA = 40 with DA >= 20. This is a pretty good metrics to have quality backlinks.

No Doubt I received huge response. People gave me there web address, where my link was supposed to go…

I Checked all the URL’s one by one. Every URL that was given to me was having PA > 40 with pretty good DA, but when i checked there TF then I was shocked to see that it’s TF = 0 and CF >=35,39,46,… etc.

A backlink from these sites can really push you in the back burner.


Being an SEO expert, I know all this crazy metrics of GOOGLE…

Please note that $5 isn’t that a big sum for anyone to get 1000’s of links. But ask yourself DO WE REALLY NEED 1000’s of backlinks to rank…?

The Answer is NO.

I have seen rankings of websites with only 1 BACKLINK from really authoritative site. This is all you need.

Apart from above shared metrics there are many other factors that are really important in Ranking in Google. I have written, short and simple guide on SEO for Beginners and Intermidiates. you can check that out, here at:

You will definitely like this, as this is written from Beginners point of view for easy understanding.

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