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Don't get messages right away at my mobile

I don’t know why… but sometimes I don’t get a notification on my mobile that I’ve got a new message…But I do get it on the deskoptop version. Why is that? And how can I change this? (If that’s even possible?)

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Do you know what’s weird? That I always & immediately receive notifications on the mobile app, yet on the desktop site sometimes I don’t get any notification whatsoever, or get them with a big delay.

I don’t think there’s much or anything any one of us can do about it, though… and given that I don’t have the problem you mentioned, I think it all depends on the mobile phone, the network/carrier of your phone, the browser on the desktop, etc.

Strange! So you have it the other way around…

Yeah that must be it I gues…

Yes thats depends on network, but i am using gmail on my phone and i am getting fiverr email after 15 minutes

I didnt find any way to fix this till now :expressionless:

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