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Don't get money


Yesterday I paid for a gig with the CreditCard option (not using PayPal).

I get a email massage But nothing in "My Shopping"

What can I do? Should I just wait or…?

How? As far as I know you can’t pay with a credit card. You have to have a Pay-Pal account to buy. Or bitcoin now I guess.

EDIT: Ya. Just checked. @strongford, are you sure you did because you can’t buy a gig with a credit card.

@bigbadbilly Some buyers can pay Fiverr with a credit card. The credit card charge is from Fiverr, not the individual seller. The buyer then gets an email receipt. (Terms of Service: Gigs may be purchased using a Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and in certain countries Skrill or Dwolla.)

@strongford Yours is the 2nd post I’ve read with exactly the same problem. Normally once your credit card charge went through, the Order process should have begun. If the seller had any instructions, you should have received them, and so on. This sounds like a technical glitch on Fiverr’s end (can’t believe both you & the other person’s credit card companies are having the same problem!), you’ll probably need to file a ticket with Customer Support. Normally they need an order number to help with this kind of issue, but without one, you’ll need to give them as much information about the order (seller’s name, what was ordered, WHEN was it ordered, what information is on your credit card receipt) as possible to help them find the order and get it started.

I asked a seller his said that didn’t get oreder from me.

Somes creenshots:

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Then you’ll need to file a ticket with Customer Support, as it seems that something has gone wrong with the process.