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Don't get order.How can I get order?

We all know that , Buyer request option is only one and best option for new sellers on fiverr.
So I am do that regular but don’t get any order.I am very upset for that.Can anyone give me more sugestion for get order?
I am web designer .I have proper experience about wordpress .
if anyone interested to see my profile then click here.


am having the same problem of getting orders!


Same thing happening with me, may be the way to get success in fiverr is still not clear to me. Skill is nothing to get order, Getting Order is totally different skill. Even I saw some mates who are taking order and completing by others but do not have working skill in that sector, He just know the way to get order.
Shame on me :frowning:


What about you now? Still in fiverr? If you are still in freelancing, please let everyone know about your success and how you did it!!


Hi,welcome to Fiverr community!

Post the Creative gig’s on your profile Offer best service as much as you can.

Then, Don’t lose Hope…Success will come your way.



Do you get reply from buyer after submit your propose ?


I feel the same everyday. People are making lots of sales just by knowing HOW TO GET ORDERS.

Here I have the skills and no orders.

Shame on me, too.

Maybe we need another skill. You know what skill, right?

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I am looking for the reason that why not getting order ! Maybe there is my fault that I am unable to find it out

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Marketing skills

You have to hunt for your buyers elsewhere. Don’t let Fiverr be your only source of potential buyers

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@ajake2020 Sad point is that I have not Good Marketing Skills :frowning:

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