Don't get order


I am a E-mail list seller I am giving reply & reply but don,t get any order.why? i don,t know.I giving sample as per buyer demand.buyer not proper response .anybody help me what can i do now?


Stop giving sample, ask to give order


I think that if you’re offering what your client wants before they pay you, they’ll probably take the list and run! Maybe you can send a screenshot where half of the picture is blurred so they cant see the addresses, but they can see the fact that you have a list? Hmm…


I also can’t get the order. 3 weeks ago I created 2 gigs that in my opinion are very well designed and created. I provided all info. needed and I still can’t get customers for the very low price like $5 (in my opinion it’s worth much more). I also made YouTube video for my gig.
Very Disappointed…


You’re in a very saturated market - even offering 5 intro videos for $5 won’t have buyers flocking to your door.

You need to find businesses who would buy your service - hint - any business which has a logo, and find a way to get them to your Fiverr gigs.


give the sample but take screenshot don’t send the original file and when you take screenshot blur some area of the screenshot so the buyer won’t run away :slight_smile:


if i not giving sample then how to approve my order?


Thank you for your advise


Try reaching out to people. Market your gig. Message people that might be interested and give them good offers. Try selling your gig at a low price in the start so that people will get attracted towards it. When you have enough good reviews you can raise the price as you wish. Give your gig a catchy title, try adding a video as it boosts impressions a lot. And lastly, try being as nice to the people as possible.