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Don't get response from buyer!

Please someone help me… I send almost 550+ Buyer Request and Get Only 3 Orders. I am totally feed-up with this.

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I understand your frustration. :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, there are 19,452 new seller gigs for what most of your gigs offer and considering those new sellers are more than likely also sending 550+ Buyer Requests it is fortunate that you got as many a 3 orders.

The good news is that when you get to level 1 there are only 2953 gigs to complete with. :wink:

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We have spoken about this a few times recently and it seems to me that Buyer Requests are rarely worth the effort as those buyers are not here to do great work, merely to mess about.

550 Buyer Requests is a lot of effort (assuming you looked at each job carefully) so why not put that dedication into something more likely to pay off - or that at least doesn’t leave you feeling like a wrung out loser?



how can I go in Level one? I am not getting any order.

Maybe reading this will help.

This is good too!