Don't get scammed by SEO! Here is a way to avoid it


I have been a developer and a online marketing mentor for a while now. Although, something that bothers me a lot is seeing people get accidentally or purposely scammed for there SEO. Many people go to SEO agents and tell them “I want to be first on google!”, well sorry to break it to you. YOU CAN’T! Search engine algorthims are always changing every second. If you are in a saturated market, you are going to have to maintain your SEO. If not, it might be a bit easier. Although there are so many ways to avoid it, and the biggest one is to actually understand the SEO servicing that your website needs first! If you understand the servicing you website needs to improve your SEO then you will know exactly what you want, a higher chance have receiving better results, and a lesser chance the SEO agent will take advantage of you.

Visit this thread to know how to know the servicing needed for your SEO needs.


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While I agree that it is easy to get scammed in SEO on a site like this, it IS possible to buy your way onto Google’s #1 position. But it is not cheap. Certainly not a service that I could offer through Fiverr! I offer this service thru my website but yes it is expensive. My website is on Google’s #1 and #3 position for my chosen keywords. Now I am not trying to plug my site I am just saying it is entirely doable to buy your way onto Google 's #1 spot.


It is very doable, you are right. Although it all depends on the extent of your project. Also after you do receive first ranking, you’d need to maintain it. I own a business where I do SEO, research and development. Although it is too expensive, and it really makes me mad when I get clients coming to me telling me the last SEO charged them so much for such useless or little work. The SEO audit will provide them with all the things they need to fix and recommendations of how to to fix it. Basically it does half the job and could really lower your costs.


@blackfolder1 i agree, you can surely pay your way through the top of search engines, but will have to maintain it there and that takes alot effort with the right person.


A lot of effort is exactly right. What if he is doing something completely different. It worth investing $5 on a SEO audit that is really detailed before actually spending that kind of money.


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Sorry, I wasn’t really trying to promote the gig, just trying to educate users on how to prevent and avoid being scammed by SEO agents. Thanks for your help though!


Great job! Honestly, I recommend so much more people to use your service! It is honestly useful gig, and very detailed for only $5. Once again, great job!