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Don't get upset when a buyer doesn't respond or leave a review


Sometimes buyers are just too busy to leave a review.

Sometimes they don’t even know how to leave a review.

Sometimes they don’t like your work and are too polite to leave a negative review.

Sometimes a buyer is waiting for several others to finish work to complete the project.

I just had a buyer from September leave me two positive reviews!

So don’t get upset when a buyer doesn’t respond or leave a review.


Though I do wish all buyers would leave a review, especially on my gigs that aren’t as popular, I figure that most fall into the “too busy” or “doesn’t like the work but is too polite to leave a negative review” categories.


I usually follow up orders. Not sure how this one slipped past me!


I just think it is a very common thing. A lot of people just get their product or service and move on. You can go to a restaurant or any store and they ask you to fill out a survey on your receipt on your experience. How often do people complete those? I feel like it is a job well done regardless. At least it is not a negative review.


It happens with me as well sometime buyer leave negative feedback without intention but there are some cheap buyer too who want more even after getting complete work. If you don’t so they threaten you to leave a negative feedback. I have dealt with these type of buyer I did complete job and send him report back he said no its not like that I need more if you will not do that I will leave negative review after that I did cancel that order myself because I did not want to arguing with these type of cheap buyer.