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Dont give up ,My fiverr experience!

This is my experience of what happened a few months ago and what’s going on right now, many of us are familiar with the algorithm changes that happened in fiverr, because of that many of us suffered due to our own mistakes which we made! My huge mistake was that i always used to deliver late and cancel a lot of orders!! And all of that NO COMMUNICATION! Because of that all of my gig were at the last page I tried a lot to come back at the first place by delivering fast and doing everything I could but nothing helped! fiverr always care for the sellers as well as the buyers! If you are doing things that manipulate that sites or hurt fiverr tos without letting them know! You will suffer now or tomorrow! Doesn’t matter if you are level 2 seller or what! I left my job because I started to earn a lot more on fiverr but after the sales started to drop it did hurt my health, and I was very depressed but i never gave up! I just came too far to let it go.

Sometimes we might fall but that does not matter at all. Ups and downs always comes what matters is that you should never give up!

p.s I am back at the first page on the first line with more than enough orders :slight_smile:


Congrats. Good luck :grinning::grinning:

How you do that.
I am anne.

Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion here and congratulation. I’m new here!!! Keep it up!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s a huge motivation for a new seller like me. Thank you!

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Wow… good new for you…

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Wow! You have many reasons, you never have to give up despite the downturns that may occur, you always start with something and from there you are going to grow little by little, everything depends on you, take care of your business.

I’m starting as a salesman and I do not have many orders, literally, but your words motivate me. :muscle:

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This is a great motivation to all sellers not only New Sellers. This really got me.

thank you!

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Saw your gig and that’s some really professional logos! Why don’t you try buyers request ?

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Hi, in my own experience, I haven’t been able to get an order talk more of being on the last page. I don’t see my gig’s at all. How can I charge that?

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Believe me that I do it every day, I keep active both in Fiverr and in this forum, I share my GIG but I have hardly received an order. But hey, you have to be patient and not despair. :confused:


Ill be honest with you I researched your gig and found out that you basically make Minimalist Logo, now here’s the difficult part A LOT! Of people are already doing this, with that said huge competition now you got two options either work on your gig and make it look better and get more orders I mean from outside like attract your clients to fiverr to place order on your gig! Or just do something else sometimes its better to quit rather than hustle.

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Your gig says I Will Deliver Creative And Unique Contents do you really think that anyone would search for creative or unique contents ? Your title must be something that people search and should match with your tags.

Hi thanks, please give me examples of catchy gig titles.

What are your skills what can you provide to the marketplace ?

I don’t think that it make sense because, If someone only search for content, even your gig will be appear on page!

Cheer YOU!

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Its just my opinion I don’t think any buyer would search for content and have you looked her tags ?

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Actually I already believe that I have optimized my GIG to the maximum, I have read and seen the work of my competition, I do not want to modify many my GIG because I read that you lose positioning in the lists if you do that, it affects a lot because of what I can see.

I am currently receiving many impressions, it means that my GIG is appearing in the lists, but still no orders and I think my prices are too flexible and comfortable.

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That’s really great. Thank you so much for sharing your fight story with us. :slight_smile: