Don't give up too soon on Fiverr


After staying for weeks without no Order I was motivated to write this which am sure it will help the Newbies and the existing Sellers. So far every one is complaining that since they open their account they haven’t made any sells, even those that all of a sudden they stop making sells are as well complaining. Which makes me to ask what have you done so far to Promote your sells, what are you get wrong in the system, what are you not doing that suppose to be done, how often are you working hard to make sure you are ahead of your Competitor’s? Fiverr is your business, don’t expect manner to fall down, because last time I check manner no longer fall any more, now its your hard work that brings down manner. Don’t set down and cross your leg and expect order to be rolling in without you working hard for it. how good are your making use of your 10 buy request daily? how convincing are your words? how do you reply your client that wants to make inquiries about your gig?
Have you ever wonder or ask your self why most big Companies still advertise their product despite all the sells and their known brand? maybe you should ask your self that question.
If you want to succeed in Fiverr don’t ever give up that desire that push you at first to open an account. Most successful people today are not just successful because they didn’t encounter failure, No, they encountered failure but it was the ability to move on that sustain them and made them succeed. Don’t give up if you know you must be successful on Fiverr. Some failure in life is inevitable, it is impossible to leave without failing in life.
I stand to be corrected if am wrong.

Thanks, Diamon emmy.


same,last one week i didn’t get any new order.i am just thinking what’s wrong with my gig!!thanks for your motivation.


We are not going to help you here. If you need personal assistance, please start your own forum topic, instead of hijacking someone else’s posts, and demanding that we help you – instead of the person who started the post. Be courteous. Don’t make demands.


Even i didn’t get any order :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


That would likely be because you aren’t doing anything to earn your orders. You’re just expecting random people to randomly place orders on your gigs. If you “want orders”, you’re going to have to do a lot of work to reach out to your target customers and show them how your services can help them solve their problems.


How many orders have you achieved and what is your seller level?


Thanks for your reply.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: butt i’m doing best to make my gigs professional. And i’m doing my best.


Alright then, very well. Good luck with whatever you are doing.


Your sentiments are true. One should work harder instead of quitting.


We Should work hard, We’ll not go without reward


Thanks this amazing post @diamonemmy1.

A lot of Fiverr sellers get discouraged if sales stop coming for a week or two and that’s okay but staying discouraged is bad.

Instead of staying that way figure out why sales are not coming in, another reason why they get discouraged is when they get demoted from level 2 to 1 or even a new seller.

When I started on Fiverr 3 years ago, that was 2015 I never made a single sale until 2017 because I didn’t give up, I kept sharing my gig on my social media and also looking for ways to improve my gig and even without much sales I still do get orders from returning customers.

The bottom line here is, don’t ever stay discouraged, try other stuffs and don’t just stick to staying online and wait for orders to come…keep pushing.



Thanks for your motivation.


Its been long time i have submitted gigs and i have included videos too but alas, no sales at all.
Why fiverr cant give chance to quality new sellers by pushing their gig on front page or search result comes first. When ever someone search any thing , pro and more sales gigs comes first and few of them are not good quality products at all!
Why there is not quality check? It seema like a gamble of fate happening here.


I love days without order! :slight_smile:


seriously ? :face_with_monocle: :sweat_smile:


Yes! That’s because I have orders constantly.


:money_mouth_face: :sweat_smile: yummy




it’s an orders digger, I guess :face_with_monocle: :joy:


Yap, you are right… Nice thought.