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Don't go on rating always,take a time to look at skills


I have noticed one thing on fiverr. All buyer go with rating of seller. Most of prefer top rated seller because of there higher rating. so in this condition there is no chance for newbie for getting hired through fiverr. I request to all buyers give chance to new sellers on, so that they encourage new sellers. it is also for seller if you get hired don’t disappear just share you experience with other seller. It will be very helpful for them. please share your opinion about this and comment and keep helping each other.


Not true.Focus on your business offers different services at a lower price, share on social media, waiting is one of the keys to success. I’m not TRS, but I have 20k complete orders.


thanks, I would like to congrats you to complete 20K order It is very motivating. but I am promoting my gigs on social media, Even I not get any single order from It and also I am applying to buyer request too. they are not responding. I am trying more. Please suggest me!