Dont have enough Fiverr sales!


I have seen Level 2 sellers has hundreds of sales. They complete 15-20 orders per month. Me on the other hand, is also a Level 2 seller. I only get contacted my 4-5 buyers per month and get 2-3 order per month. I am assuming the reason for this is that they have more traffic in their profile. So, my question is, how do I get more traffic in my profile as well. Or at least get close to the amount of traffic they have? I need help.


The answer is: Marketing and promotion. Are you doing anything to reach out to your target customers?


Yes i agree with #jonbaas because you need to promote your GIG and also submit buyer request on daily basis.


My tip would be to create a free blog where you promote your gigs and link back to Fiverr. Create clever social share scripts (Like with those that give points for every share, and have a giveaway), so your blog gets shared like crazy, reaching tons of new potential buyers. But you do also have to do marketing for the blog then.


I am just sharing my gigs on social media. Which definitely is not working in favor. And I have been thinking about promoting. But I have very little knowledge about how I should promote or stuffs like that. Can you help me out with suggestions or something?


Submit buyer request?? Need some details on that!


My advice is simple: figure out who your target customers are (it doesn’t sound like you know this yet). Then, do some research to determine where those customers are located. Once you know these two important bits of information, then you will know where to promote your services, and you’ll have a good idea of how to do so. Be creative in how you reach out to those target customers. Spamming them will fail. Engaging them will likely work in your favor.

Ultimately, however, YOU are going to have to do the research necessary to figure these things out. If you’re serious about your success, then I’m sure you will discover plenty of details that will help you market and promote your gigs.

You might also consider searching online for “marketing ideas”. That will result in hundreds of web pages that will give you hours of content to read, and provide you with countless ideas. Pick the ones that you like best, and go from there.


Fiverr is full of marketing gigs. If you don’t know how to market your gig then hire someone to do it for you. (Although, make sure you do your research before hiring someone - keep in mind that you get what you pay for.)

Getting more orders is not only about traffic, it starts with the service you provide and the quality you offer. Just because someone gets 15 orders per month doesn’t mean it’s solely because of marketing. It could easily be that they are offering slightly different service which appeals to more users, they might have a better gig description and maybe even offer a higher quality. Forget about others, focus on your gig.

You might wish to reconsider how you handle negative reviews. This is not the way to do it no matter what kind of client you had. A professional seller will explain what happened and answer in a polite manner. Most people will check your negative reviews and how you handle these. We all get difficult clients, but the way you handle these will determine what kind of seller you are.

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Good point. It’s pretty tough to find them, I’m realizing.