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Don't Have Multiple Accounts or Share Computers

One of my friends was doing awesome on Fiverr earlier this year, and then she told her roommate to join because she wanted both of them to have some spare change. Being in college sharing a small dorm, they shared the same computer as well (which means same IP and everything). Their accounts operated on the same computer for about a month before Fiverr emailed saying they were suspended permanently.

They were no longer able to buy or sell. Moral of the story: don’t share computers and do NOT have multiple accounts, at least not unless you ask Fiverr first and get explicit permission. Here’s what they said to them:

“Having multiple accounts gives a competitive advantage.” They offered to show IDs and all to prove it wasn’t one person working under two accounts, but customer service repeated the same thing, saying that having multiple accounts per household, on a single computer, or for the same person are all prohibited because, again, it gives a competitive advantage to the seller(s).

Just a tip! Don’t do it, I’ve been tempted to open a separate account for services unrelated to writing but after I heard about this I chose not to.

@sydneymorgan: Actually, different members in the one household CAN have their own Fiverr account, however – all members must have their own PayPal / Payoneer account and they cannot purchase from one another. That would be considered "offering a competitive advantage."

When in doubt, always refer to the Terms of Service and if you have any questions, contact Customer Support for clarification.

It is really bad . I hope they are well now . because some times fiverr become the only earning source for someone ,