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Don't have sufficient impressions or did not get buyer request

Hellow There!

I published my few gigs on fiverr recently.
But don’t have sufficient impressions or did not get any buyer request.

You can check my profile and gig here >>

Please advice me for necessary modification…


i see that you are a graphic designer good gig image will makes good impression and click make a creative gig thumbnail.if you don’t get any order right now you should decrease your budget provide low buget it will help you to get order on begining. add good search tags and description.maintain activeness on fivver


First you create 7 gig then you get buyer request.

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Thank you very much for your helpful tips.
I will try to follow your advice.
I will modify budget and others details as per your instruction.

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Ok. I will follow your advice.

Hey,bro. what’s up.:blush:

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Gig promotion on going bro…

Good thanks for your reply

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