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Don't hire a Virtual Assistant on fiverr


Don’t hire a Virtual Assistant on fiverr until you understand how they work. Also, make sure that you’re able to communicate with them well. You want to pick somebody that you can work well with and that can understand your project or business. The success of building your virtual team has a lot to do with communication and understanding.

There’s a bunch of videos on YouTube for tips on hiring a Virtual Assistant. Check’em out.

Fiverr has awesome and not-so-awesome VA’s… don’t let price determine the quality, but leverage out the low cost entry to try out a few before making any long-term or large commitment.

A few tips from me…

-start small, but go fast

-work with a dedicated team and not just an individual

-use screen share videos to communicate tasks or have a task liaison that can do it for you

If you have any questions - feel free to ask or post’em here


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I read your tips regarding hiring a virtual assistant in fiverr which are very most valuable so I agreed with your tips and suggestions.



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