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Don't Join Fiverr.... if you are Hard worker


This is my personal experience from five years of fiverr that your future is not good if you are depending on only fiverr.

If you want work then you must go to bidding sites.
If your gig matches fiverr secrets which we do not know about then you can qualify.

I am in freelancing filed from 2009 and i started work on ****** ,***** , ***** , now ***** .
I am also still working on same profiles and same quantity of work.

I joined fiverr in 2015 and working same fiverr profile.

But Fiverr is not good for you if you want work on your choice. I do not understand fiverr secrets behinds because i follow each every thing in 5 years like…

I am online 24 hours…
I am using forum on daily basis.
I also share my gigs on social media.
I also send buyer request on daily basis.
I completed 500 orders with all five stars only 2 negative feedback’s.
I know each every thing about fiverr and its policies.
But i do not know how i want get more orders…??

But if you see most the sellers are fake and making there profiles with fake names and fake portfolio with fake profile pictures also But they are getting orders.
I see hundred of sellers profiles and find some thing unique but they are simple as my gigs.

So at the end i am thinking about fiverr policy now.

Here on fiverr there is nothing in sellers hand.
Every thing is doing fiverr. No one can do here any thing.

If you are good in skills then its not mean you can work fiverr easily.
So i do not think freelancer future is secure here.
Please comment and also guide me.


If your own advice to others is that they should not join Fiverr, why would you ask for guidance on using Fiverr? The two seem contradictory which makes it hard to advise you.


There are sellers who earn over $100,000 a year on fiverr and there are those who struggle for years and earn very little. There is no mystery. Some are better or more talented at what they do than others. Their skills are more in demand.

This is just a search engine for online freelancers. What you make of it is up to you.

I’m tired of the constant theme that fiverr isn’t fair. That’s an excuse.

This too is an excuse. I never look around at other sellers and think to myself “look at them, doing well with their fake profiles while I struggle and can’t earn a living here.”

I haven’t spent a minute like that. That’s what people do who can’t make it and need someone else to blame. If you aren’t happy here it’s not fiverr’s fault and it’s not the fault of other sellers.


Cry me a river. And speak for yourself.

I see people with your attitude all over the place, where everything is always someone else’s fault and they’re always a victim. These people never get ahead. I am not going to guide you after you just whined about how you deserve more.

What are you doing to bring business to yourself?


I am very disappoint from fiverr website.

I do not think its provide me according to my ability.


Fiverr isn’t supposed to provide you anything according to your ability. You are supposed to provide Fiverr and it’s buyers with something people want to buy.

Fiverr is not primarily a bidding site, it’s a marketplace. It’s more like a shop than the bidding sites. If I try to sell a $5 plain pencil on eBay it probably won’t sell. It’s up to me to sell a good product or move to another marketplace.


@ahmedghumro, I somewhat agree with you. For some of the sellers, mostly designers and animation experts, it’s just hard to make living from Fiverr, or better said - impossible.

But why not to go head? :rocket: For me, Fiverr is a hobby, for which I spare only 1 or 2 hours a day of working and earn a bit additional. (Which is actually kind of sad.)

It’s like your play or any other instrument :saxophone:, and you can’t make living from it. It’s just for a hobby.


So I can waste hours bidding all day? Why bother? The bidding sites are dumb, who’s gonna give me a chance there? I have no reviews. In fact, they have rules that prevent me from bidding, or they want me to pay $10 a month to bid outside my main category. Bidding is bulldung.

Why? What good is that? I’m usually offline when I get orders.

Why do you attack sellers you don’t even know? They’re not fake, nobody who’s fake survives for long. Reviewers will destroy them, if they get any orders at all.


That’s human nature. Some months I do very well, and some months not as well, with huge variations. In the months I don’t do as well I tend to think that something is wrong too but I know it’s just how search engines are. This is a search engine, with an algorithm, that is mysterious and impossible to understand.

We have a LOT of competition. That’s the main reason.


Wow! Leave the forum for a few months and come back and BAM!!!
I 100% disagree with your topic’s title Don’t join Fiverr if you’re a hard worker.
Working hard has less to do with your success on Fiverr…or for that matter any other freelance site or even offline that does working smart.
Fiverr isn’t some magical, mystical portal for sellers where all you have to do is hang up your virtual “Open For Business” sign and buyers will come in droves to you gigs. It’s, as @misscrystal said, competition, skills, in-demand gigs, and I might add, marketing, timing, the ability to ADAPT to what the market wants vs what you want to do is primary above all. If your skillset, and thereby your gigs, are not in demand despite your marketing efforts, then that should tell you all you need to know. Working hard is no guarantee of success in anything you do…it just means you work hard at doing it. A lot of things this time of year is seasonal also. For most of my business clients marketing and advertising budgets were shot by 4th quarter last year. For personal clients…well, Christmas is still being paid for. In other words this is the slowest time of the year for many services.
In this case the problem isn’t Fiverr, the problem is you. The good news is that you can address the problem for a different perspective. Instead of ‘hating’ on Fiverr, try asking what can I do or learn to make my gigs sell. It could be a matter of changing your gig category, gaining a new skillset, updating your gigs from 5 years ago, but you can’t change AND complain. The two are mutually exclusive. But what do I know, I work from my pajamas, drinking out my batman coffee mug, while sitting in a dark room all day. I have issues.


I often times work in my PJs too, I drink from my cat mug ( it has cat ears on it), and sit in a room ( it’s not dark though) but with a cat sitting on my lap. I guess I have issues too.:sweat_smile:

Jokes aside though, good to see you again! :smiley:


I believe we all, everyone, has issues…some of us have embraced them :smile:
Good to be back.


Interesting. Well, I’m a straight noob here with no relevant experience to speak of… yet. And I certainly consider myself a hard worker as well. With all due respect, you’ve received so much sound and reasonable advice herein that it would really be a shame if you didn’t utilize some of it (in my humble opinion).

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I think I am going to go take that red pill now and see how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes.


What a polite and considerate cat you have! My Twinkles, not only waits till I get up to get coffee in my Netta mug, to make herself as comfy as kittenly possible sitting on my laptop, but then argues with me when I get back. I usually win (my side of the argument is that she should not sit on the keyboard . . . she begs to differ). But by the time we vote on it, she’s sent custom offers for 100 hours work / $5 / 1 day delivery.

This is her, Twinkles Happy Sugar-Socks: (I’ve uploaded these here in the past, but she’s just too cute)

Twinkles . . . I’m not sure that’s the absolute best way to study.

Umm . . . no, keep trying.

Fine, Twinkles Pinkles–I get it. You don’t want to study, and shelves are not meant for books. Excuse my ignorance.

[Twinky checking up on me.]

What more could I ask for? I just love her so much and so lucky she adopted me!!


What I DIDN’T mention on my post is that in most cases my cat(s) are nice, but they do go wild every now and then.
I once forgot to feed one of them and this was the angry look I got.
(Your cat looks adorable btw :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:)

Work can get stressful at times, whether it is Fiverr or outside Fiverr, our
furry little friends can help us relax a lot.
Unless they decide to sit on the keyboard, that is…

Happy gigging!
The OP might disagree with me, but I’ll stick around Fiverr and continue doing what I’ve been doing for the past 7 years here :slight_smile: