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Don't Jump the Gun!

When I started on Fiverr, I got a Gig doing gag cartoons for a woman’s health newsletter. They were $5 each and it looked like I had a regular Gig with this. But when Gig Packages came for cartoonists, I “got the big head” and started charging more. The newsletter quickly dropped me, and I don’t blame it. I raised my prices thinking it would make me be taken more seriously as a seller, but I hadn’t really proved myself yet. Now I have the $5 gagtoons again and I’m getting customers, including one who wants them for his book. I have learned my lesson: Don’t let your “artist’s ego” be your guide!

It’s a fact of selling on fiverr that you are destined to low prices until you have more reviews and a higher level. You go through an initiation period.

start from the bottom work hard

With any gig where you manually draw something (well any time consuming gig really)its really difficult to make a profit. On the other hand me and i think most people who have a passion for creating art would still be drawing and painting on our lunch breaks, while others are watching tv in the evenings etc regardless if getting paid or not.

Yes…Exactly…The beauty of Fiverr. You have to work through the bottom to reach to the top…

The key here is to work until you have developed an untainted reputation of a few hundred clients, then maybe at year end, increase your prices. They will pay if the service and quality is unmatched.

Slow progress is better than no progress.


Slow and steady wins the race.

Well you know what they say. Greed feeds the need for speed.

When you are starting out, don’t consider the money you are making. Consider that every job you do is the equivalent of doing a job interview. You might need to do 50-60 job interviews before you actually get a real paying job.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will be sure to learn from it.