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Don't know if I need More coffee, I'm extra grumpy or if I am being plagued by rudeness

wow so here’s my morning…

  1. wake up, pour coffee, check email … awesome new fiverr gigs

  2. start working on other gigs that were left over from last night.

  3. email alert, check email, newest gig demanding file delivery

  4. check gig, make sure my deadline hasn’t somehow been changed, nope it still says 2 days

  5. continue working while trying to determine how to reply to buyer, effectively and politely

  6. I reply, no response

  7. wondering if not complying instantly to demands will turn into a thumbs down review

  8. Getting more coffee and chocolate


    return email said … send me files please, so I guess I am suppose to push all other buyers to the side to do his gig first… yeah I think I am definitely being plagued by rudeness.

I had to ask myself the same question last week. I came to the same conclusion. Rude demanding buyers are popping up everywhere. It got so bad I suspended my gigs.

Reply to @jtengle:

Actually, I briefly did the same the day before yesterday!

Reply to @belgianwriter: Hey, how did you make out with your haranguing homework buyer who kept bugging you to do his homework even after you tried to block him?

So it’s a site wide plague haha

I didn’t even know you could block someone if you needed to, well I guess I never looked either.