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Don't know what's going on?

I am new on fiverr. I create my account today I did two gigs also. But in the search bar I don’t find my gigs even in the last page on the keywords. Besides I don’t find my fiverr account in search bar. What’s going on? I had delete my previous account for some issues yesterday. Can anyone please help me? I felt very sad.
Thanks in advance


increase your gig’s impressions and clicks then the gig wikk move forward.

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Is everything ok on the profile?

your profile key is active

ok thank you so much

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May be your gigs are not active. You must check if it is active

The gig status says “active”. How can I check can you tell me please? :pensive:

If it is active then the gigs must shown on search. Yoh. Can try coping your keyword and search your gig!

I try it but I don’t find the gigs even last page. What should I do sir?

Wait till tomorrow. Check if the gigs get any impression and click. If not then contact to CS

ok that’s will be fine. Thank you so much.

Please Don’t worry ! Your account and gig is live . Wait for this day . Sometimes gigs takes 24 hours to appear in search result.

চিন্তা করবেন না

Thanks a lot sir. Thanks for the screenshot. :pray: :pray:

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You are most welcome

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I got impression 8 and 12
clicks 1 and 2
But still my gig not showing in the search result even in the last page.
Anybody help me please.

Well, I’ve also faced this situation. I did not find my gigs with the full title of it. It’s a Fiverr 3.0 version and you should know keywords don’t matter as before. Your performance is the key here. Just try to be active as much as you can as well as in Fiverr Forum. Try to send 10 buyer requests every day and trust me your gig will get rank and you’ll get an order soon.
Best wishes to you.

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Check whether your gig is live or not?

thank you so much bro for your suggestion, I also get impressions and clicks, but i can’t find my gig on search result.

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yes my gigs are active, as says the active status. They show on active gig area sir.

say like …
Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.