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Dont know why my account is under review

My account is restricted I received a warning of 2nd warning TOS of unsolicited messages and my account is under review for 11 days I contact customer support but didn’t get a response.I am worried I don’t know why I received a warning.Will my account be restored or ban permanently and if restore so how much time it takes to restore.Should I create a new account right now. What is the procedure for making a new account I have one laptop and 2 different internet connections (Dynamic IP). Please guide me.Thanks


That is your reason right there so why say you don’t know? Unsolicited Messages mean you apparently sent messages that were not within the TOS for your account - same message to too many people, messages that were about things not related to Fiverr and your Gigs, messages begging for work, messages about the size of your sausage… The list could be very long.

What did you do? That is probably it.

If you did nothing like that at all (and I don’t mean doing something dodgy then pretending it wasn’t) then you can first see if your account was hacked. Or otherwise, show CS that their suspicions are unfounded.

This is going to be really hard to do if you are here in Fiverr’s public forum asking for (other) ways to break the Fiverr TOS. No, you should not try to create a second account to skip around the issues with the first.



What would be the point of them suspending or banning you if they were okay with you making another account?

Of course this isn’t allowed. Read the ToS and stop breaking them.


Shaking my head. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Instead of actually creating gigs and promoting yourself properly, you’re disturbing people randomly to get a sale. That’s why you got a warning.

Regarding the 2 accounts thing… you’re not allowed to create another account. If you have 2 accounts, both will get banned. I agree with @vickiespencer, I am both rolling my eyes and shaking my head, knowing that customer support has very long waiting times due to “issues” like these.


This means:

You will be lucky to get your account back and if you do, you better shape up :muscle: and fly right :airplane: or you will lose your account for good! :wink: