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Don't leave custom offers hanging!

Every now and then I’ll get a message inquiring about a custom offer I left the person months earlier. Just now I got a message about an offer I made three years ago! The offer was still open, but I’ve changed my rates a lot since then.

Fortunately the seller didn’t buy the custom offer. He messaged me first. But he could have bought it and then I’d probably have to cancel it.

I’ve decided to make a note on custom offers that I will keep them open for one week and then withdraw. And say if they’re interested after that they are free to message me.

An exception is if the buyer has said when they’ll get back to me on it.


Totally. There’s an option to set an expiration date on custom offers, never forget!


Yeah. I put in 48 hours max after I got an order while lying on the beach in another country because someone came back and accepted a 3-week-old offer I forgot about.


Thank you! I’ve never thought to do that. Learned something new today!


I also learn something new


Oh brutal ugh. Vacations aren’t supposed to be stressful!

48 hours is a great guide. You’re staying top of mind and creating urgency and scarcity. Thanks for the tip!


Totally. I get a lot of: “OMG! Did I miss it?! Is it too late?!”

I’d extend it to 72 hours but a lot of things can change in fiverr’s workflow in 72 hours. 48 is reasonable enough.


This post drag me in to tension :confused:
I usually add 4 days of expiration time in all my custom offer but not always lol…
now I have to go to inbox to find any of my unaccepted custom offer !

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It’s a amazing point to tracking

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Reminds me of the Disney vault. Makes people pay attention and not delay

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If you’ve set expiry dates, why would you have to turn them off?

If it’s just four days you can’t have that many to sort through unless you’re sending them unsolicited, which is not allowed.


I have few buyers who disappear for long time, more like year or two after conversation…
I just completed a task for a buyer who came to ask em for a work after 2 years…still on same project lol…and I have few similar who visits me once or twice in a year…
I usually send any offer to buyer with 4 days of expiration time…but as I said not always when they are repetitive and I am working with them from long time…


Flattering that buyers remember us after all that time or are reminded of our value when they see us in their inbox.

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Always use custom offer expiration time option. It’s a great option by fiverr. Should use for future inconveniences. Happy fiverring :blush:


Another little trick that I use is to vary the expiry period and the delivery time of each custom offer in order to control my downtime.

This means I don’t end up accidentally agreeing to jobs that need to be completed when I want / need a day or two off, or else end up with several orders all needing completion at more or less the same time.

I tend to cap the expiry period at either 24 or 48 hours (otherwise it becomes too unpredictable), and I tend to extend the delivery time by a day (meaning I have 4 days to complete the job instead of 3 should the offer be accepted).

This gives me some flexibility.


Very helpful suggestion. I have withdraw all of pending offers which buyer has not accepted yet (they suggest for sending offer but finally don’t accept).

Kindly let me know, what problem probably may appear in future if any offer remain not accepted long time.


That’s so clever!! Thanks for the suggestion!


Learnt a lot from this thread. Thank you all :slight_smile:


Thanks Humansissocial. This is a very good suggestion for all Fiverr family members.


Good tip for new seller. Thank you.

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