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Don't lecture sellers. you don't own us

So, if I decline your deal and ask you to find someone else for your amazing project, it means that either your budget is way too low or I am busy with other orders.

So, stop talking trash and questioning my qualification and skills. I have nothing to prove to you.

Some people don’t get it. If I say NO, it means NO. Contact someone else. That’s it.

Why do you have to lecture me with your irrational logic that I am poor and want money that’s why I am fiverr. If I am poor and working on fiverr then you are also a person who couldn’t afford a freaking multi-million dollar web design agency.

Don’t threaten. I don’t give a flying fook. Do whatever you want. SUE me because I didn’t want to work on a pornographic website or told you upfront that your budget ($10) is way too low.

Don’t talk bad about my culture. My culture is older than most of the cultures out there. I come from a very good family.

I am here to help you with your business. Don’t treat me like I am your slave. I will cancel the order instantly. I don’t work for money. I work for people who are professional and serious about their business.

Some 19 year old guy who hires me and thinks that he owns me. Believe me, I will never contact you for work. You came to me. I am not that of an emotional guy. I just reply like a machine.

Don’t ask me to trust you. I don’t trust anyone. I am not here to make friends and girlfriends.

Don’t ask me to guide you. I am not a teacher and it is not my job.

Don’t send me a message that reads, “HI” (Admi ho ya lahsoon?)

Dimag kharab kar dete hai log.
Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just had this experience with this buyer / seller on fiverr, I told her I didn’t want to do her website buttons she order the first time and I canceled then she order again today and saying she did not know who I was. Its hard to believe she forgot she order from me when it was like 5 days ago. The reason I did not want to do her project is because she was so picky on what she wanted and her instructions were poorly written even when I told her I didn’t understand it, she decided to tell me how I should design it when I thought she order from me so I could come up with a great design and she wanted me to edit a button she already had, plus she wanted me to copy the look of the button she liked. I told her I don’t like to copy other designs because my gig is about making unique designs not copying another persons design. Then when she finally did accept my cancellation with me after the second time I told her I didn’t want to do the buttons she said she hopes she never ever sees me on here with a rude tone. Here is the thing buyers if we don’t want to do the project than accept to cancel we are not obligated to do your order just because you throw money at us we are humans and we have the right to choice just like you.


If they don’t say no, roadblock them. Pretty simple. Fiverr is a marketplace that introduces you to buyers. The rest of the experience depends on you. Fiverr is there if the other party goes mad, but that’s about it.

Why is this such a hard concept to understand? Just say no!

Yours is a bit different from my case as your seller isn’t the owner of a porn website. Still, I can understand your frustration. Some people are really hard to work with.

But, I agree with emmaki. You should say NO in the very beginning.

Just tell them that you are not available for projects at this moment and it might be hard to tell when you may be able to take orders.

Works for me the most times.

Yeah I’ve come across buyers that think they’re my slaver as well, thing is, I work full time and basically do this for spare change, so it makes no difference to me whether I do a gig or don’t, so when I say no, it means NO, don’t question it, just accept it and move on!

Nice. But then there are people who get offended by being turned down. Let’s just hope we don’t get these people more often.

  • Hello, I would like this t-shirt in yellow color.
  • I am sorry, we are out of yellow t-shirts.
  • But I want a yellow one.
  • I am sorry, we don’t have one in yellow. Try that shop across the street.
  • Please, I want to buy it here, paint it yellow. Please, please…

HAHAHA :smiley: :smiley:

Can you imagine a customer walking in a store, looking around a bit and after not finding what they wanted they tell the clerk what they want and is willing to pay. The clerk says “we don’t have that item or if they do, the price is higher”. I wonder if the customer is going to stand there and ridicule the clerk because they don’t have the item or because they won’t lower the price to meet the buyer’s demands.

Exactly. I think some people do these things to make themselves feel special. That’s the only reasonable justification in my point of view.

I really could care less if me saying and meaning no offends anyone, if they can’t handle it then they can call the waaaaaaambulance! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like this sometimes isn’t?
Like just the other day I had someone who wanted me to make a mash up, I specifically state that I don’t make them (not on here and not for $5) but they kept pestering me to do it just for them I said fine if you really want it then it’s going to be $50 because that’s the amount of time and effort that’s going to be put into making it, obviously they stopped after that, LOL.

it’s the internet though, all common sense and courtesy is thrown out the window! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess so. People become brave once that turn on their computers :smiley: