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Don't let it be all about the money

Just some tips and opinions from my experience here on fiverr.

If you are here just to make money, I don’t think you will go far.

Be here to learn , to give, to help…

the most important thing is to make the buyer feel like a king, make him feel that he’s in the right place, like you got it all.

The first thing I do when I get an order is to promiss them that they will not leave till they’re satisfied or else I’ll refund them, first because they deserve the best quality of work, and second my heart and mind won’t accept a money from a not well done job, or to get money while the buyer is not satisfied.

That’s why I give unlimited revisions on all my gigs, all my buyers loved the work and how I treat them, I got amazing reviews from buyers all over the world.

If the buyer is not clear or asking for something you don’t offer or more than you can give, be kind, explain it with a smile, never use bad language even if you get it from someone frustrated.

Just do it all with your heart, and make it an opportunity to learn more and advance.

That’s all :slight_smile:


We’ll see what you think in 4 years…

I understand your point… however I don’t think you ran into those kind of buyer that expect the moon for 5$ … yet :slight_smile: No problem… there is time

Reply to @dtongsports: what do you mean I don’t get your point exactly ?

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: belive me I did, it was never a problem to me, I even give more than I offer sometimes, just to see them satisfied, I just find it so amusing to help.

I’m a calm person, it’s my nature, So i don’t get angry or frastrated, I always try making things work and enjoy it.

still you might be right ? i’ve been here for 8 months only, but really I don’t think i’ll change anything about it :slight_smile:

Think of the biggest service business you know. They all focus on high customer service and high customer satisfaction. They also still focus on the money and run it like a profitable business.

A great business transaction happens when both people walk away with a gain. Business is not a mouse trap. Both people can benefit from the transaction and they should.

Repeat Business is where it’s at!

Reply to @landongrace: Yes that’s true, it’s just that for me I like helping people, like sometimes I get a 5$ order but I deliver a 20$ worth work just to see the buyer happy , money is good too :slight_smile:

You can have both. You are exactly right. The more you serve people, the more they will justify paying you more. You are doing awesome. That is what has helped me the most. Just be the best and friendliest person someone will use on Fiverr. Great to meet you!

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you so much, great meeting you too =)

Reply to @onlinedzshop: you’re awsome <3

Reply to @chaimaa: thank youuuu :slight_smile: