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Don't Let Mutual Cancellations Affect a Sellers Rating

As a Level 2 Seller, I get a host of orders from buyers. However, sometimes, the buyers either don’t read what’s in the gig description or are dead set on leaving a negative rating. Case in point: I have a gig where I offer to create a social networking site for $5 as long as the user has web hosting. I have no problems revising the concept or theme of the site but it’s really preposterous when the buyer wants me to purchase web hosting for them! What usually follows is that I request the buyer to purchase hosting and then I get started on my order or I offer a mutual cancellation if that’s not possible. However, mutual cancellations too affect your rating apparently, as when I cancelled my previous order (for the reasons mentioned above), I lost my Level 2 and Level 1 Status. Fiverr does not give a seller the option to choose the buyer or the gig so it’s only fair that they don’t let mutual cancellations affect the rating either, don’t you think?

Yes i think so.

agree also

Hey guys, that is not true. Mutual cancellations do not affect your rating. Customer support even states that too.

What lowers your rating are “forced cancellations”. They even tell you that right next to the forced cancellation button.

So @romulus, I am just asking. Are you saying that all you have done are mutual cancellations? You never did a forced cancellation? If so, then I agree with you.


Hmmm…I’ve never had a problem with mutual cancellations affecting my rating, though it does state that too many of them in a certain period of time/ number of orders can effect your ability to move up another seller level.

Reply to @hotwebideas: It does affect your rating. I had delivered 40 orders and cancelled 10 and apparently, a 20% cancellation was too high. Now, since I cannot choose my buyers, I would very much appreciate Fiverr not taking mutual cancellations into consideration when rating a seller.

PS: To answer your question, all my cancellations were mutual.

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AGREE. I hope they will fix the problem soon

I hear that the mutual cancellations do not count anymore for ratings. I wonder if they will backdate and check all, because around 99% of my cancellations were mutual cancellations where I did not agree on the project or the seller did not want to pay for gig extras. Any info on this?

My seller dragged me along for two weeks before using the mutual cancellation option.

It wasn’t mutual. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing and didn’t do any work at all.

Wonderful how Fiverr is letting him take advantage of me and nobody gets to know who he is.

As long as Fiverr gets paid. Start from their bank account and work backwards.


I had mutual cancealation for orders recently. They said it will have no affect as of fiverr blog posts.

When i checked my dashboard< analytics today. i see orders cancelled and a piechart showing some percentage.

what is this. is it a simple status for our on reference or fiverr count it for level status or profile visibility.?