Don't let this happen to you! ✋


A couple of regulars to the forum got suspended recently. I miss them.

They got warnings beforehand but the rules are more definite in this new forum, so I just wanted
to say that we have more mods now who are here most of the time and no nonsense, of the
bad kind, is allowed.

And while I’m at it, a shout out to the mods of the forum for doing such a good job of keeping us in line and posting helpful topics! :innocent:


Yeah, it is a pity that people need to be suspended but I can assure you that these decisions are not taken lightly. The forum is a great place for everyone to get involved, learn and have fun - it is important that it stays that way. The rules are relatively clear and as you mention, warnings are issued so there is no reason why people cannot avoid suspensions.
The new forum platform has made being a mod easier with more community involvement which is great and it also means mods can actually contribute more often rather than just spending time removing the spam etc.
Here’s to a friendlier, safer, more engaging and inviting forum for 2017!


I love the new platform! :heart_eyes: and a few mods are doing a wonderful job to the Fiverr Community!
Best wishes for 2017 @eoinfinnegan


“Aww!” I had no idea. I was wondering what happened to a few folks!

Hopefully, their suspension will be lifted soon??


They will be lifted within a week @gina_riley2


If someone you like goes missing, you can go to their forum profile (replace my name with any other) and check if they have been suspended, when their suspension is lifted, when their last activity was etc.
You can also click on their name and then in the little popup, click on their name again.

Initially this seemed a bit personal to me but actually, as none of us know each other offline, it is very nice to know that someone is not simply on a “missing list”. There have been several times when users have seemingly gone missing and it is nice to be able to check up on people, in a positive way.


I hope they aren’t so discouraged they don’t come back!


This forum is like an addiction - it’s hard to stay away. I don’t always have time to participate, but I do read quite often. I’ve been pretty active the past two weeks but I’ve also been off work. Today I go back, so my participation will go down. * Well, it was fun while it lasted. *


Ooops, my fave has been suspended :-\


What? I haven’t been suspended.


Hahaha, no not you. But you cracked the code :wink:


:joy: I was going to say…who is the “Fav”.

Don’t hurt our feelings :innocent: @mariokluser


Oh, it’s just that you said your fave and I thought… but… well… never mind…
I’m going to my room.


She will be back soon. :slight_smile:


Awe, it’s OK, you can come out now. I made some hot tea :smiley:


I would let this happen to me over and over again before silencing my opinions, though.

That’s just how a roll.

They got rid of the user leaderboard didn’t they? I’m disappointed, I really wanted to screenshot me still at #1 after a week suspension for calling a crap poster a crap poster. Oh well. He didn’t get banned either, and he spammed my inbox!

This forum was a bit dull without me. /vanity


As far as I know, your opinions are welcome. Given your writer’s gifts you could just increase the chances your opinions will be read if they don’t include directly calling someone names or break other forum rules. I think plenty of people would like to read varied opinions and will be disappointed if they can’t because of an easy change in wording. :slight_smile:

Was there a leaderboard? #1 at what? This forum has so many new things. There may be alternate ways to view stars.


She means

I think that was the URL for it where we could see who was getting the most likes in a list of users.
That was removed unfortunately. It was a great motivator for the more competitive among us.

Emmaki was at the top.

Yes it was a bit dull without you to say the least.


@misscrystal is right. About the leaderboard thing, at least. Although I’m not going to contradict her other statement :wink:


I know! Misscrystal is almost catching up to me! :scream: