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Don't Lie Just To Be Nice!


I am not a seller but I have a seller that Flat Out LIES! I have all of the communications! I am extremely busy running my own company and I was working thru revisions when the Gig timed out. I gave a great review because the Seller [Mod Note: Name removed] said he was only concerned with doing the job right and he would finish it the way we discussed. All I get now are BS LIES! It is bad enough dealing with time zones but lying to customers and faking computer problems and so on is just ridiculous.

Is there anyway to change a review?


You can contact customer support and see what they say.

In future, don’t stop the stopwatch until the runner has reached the finish line, regardless of what they say.


PS. It’s difficult to read information on your website while the background video in the hero section keeps playing. There should be an option to pause or it should play only when asked :wink:

By the looks of it I’m guessing you hired someone to work on the website.