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Don't like the 20% cut? Here's why you're cheap

Or just interested by my clickbaity headline? Either way, settle in.

Here’s why you’re cheap.

Imagine that a buyer comes, and you go through the consultation, or or suggest a price for their project. “Oh no,” they say. “But…this is Fiverr!

Cheap as all get out, I know. Throw in “I don’t have a huge budget, could you make this cheaper for me, person you’ve never worked with before? I have a LOT of work for you in the future!”

Oh, go away.

But you all know this. Now, let’s turn it around to the 20% cut. Which may or may not increase as a baseline with the promo gig stuff.

“Fiverr is greedy!”

Now who is being cheap? You don’t pay a dollar until you get work. A literal dollar, in many cases. That’s a 100% ROI. That’s better than you can offer your customers.

“I can’t afford this!”

You’re still getting a little bit of money. Nothing’s being taken from your pocket. It’s being put IN your pocket with a little discount. It’s all upfront.

You’re basically acting like a bad buyer. And everybody hates those. Don’t be a bad buyer. Same goes for when the promo gigs rolls out. It’s cash in your pocket at the end of the day. With some smart thinking and savvy judgement of prices, you’ll be just fine, so long as you have talent.

If you don’t… well, shut up, go learn some skill. Don’t be a cheap Mona Lisa. And don’t post “discussions” about how this opportunity is greedy.

You’re the one who came here and signed up in search of work. Fiverr’s got a lot more visibility than you. You pay nothing upfront. So why are you whining? If you’re not getting anything out of Fiverr, you’re not losing anything except some time. And that time is only lost if you don’t then work to improve your gigs until (good) buyers start to come to you.

Again, stop bloody whining. You sound ridiculous.

I agree with your point for the most part.

But I can’t list any other company that takes my $$ one way or another and doesnt have a customer service phone # when there is an issue. And believe me … there are issues :slight_smile:

But I guess that’s all up front.

Well, I don’t see what we get for the 20%. Have you seen the Facebook ad trying to advertise their translators? It was in English and full of mistakes. People were making fun of it and said it DETERRED them from using fiverr.
Yes, I know that it takes time and money to keep it running. I am happy to pay for it.
20% are just … more … than other platforms charge.

It may be more than other platforms charge, but coming with a lot of experience from another well-known website, believe me when I say–> there are issues everywhere. For example, that other website charges their fee once accepting the project, from your own personal money, not from the payment that comes upon completing a project. Countless times buyers hired me on a project (even very big ones) and then, no reply from them ever again. Contacting customer support for the same issue all over again became a pain in the ass, so I had no option but to close my account, because I was loosing more than gaining at that point. I’d rather know Fiverr takes 20% of each payment, than not know if my money will eventually come back to me or not.

You get commercials promoting the site, which in turn brings you and every other buyer money. Also, you get other forms of marketing. Obviously, it all isn’t perfect, as the ad you’re bringing up, but it’s marketing that you’re only paying 20% for. Each site has their fees and their flaws, but considering Fiverr’s web ranking for Freelance sites and the amount of traffic that comes through here, i’ll deal with the 20%.

Meant to say “which in turn brings you and every other seller money.” It’s late. Or early depending how you view the day right about now.

Fiverr is a huge success for sellers because of the marketing it does. It’s a lot more bang for the buck than if I tried to take that 20% fiverr gets and do it on my own.

I have no problem with the 20% but this is where I have a problem:

a buyer comes to me and tells me to reduce my gig price by whatever fiverr is charging them when placing the order. That’s like making me pay two times!!! my time is more valuable than that.

Simply ignore those. They’re cheap asses.

Oh, go on. Get a screenshot. I enjoy poking fun at shit work as well.

I have a killer hint for free.

If you don´t like the commissions, you have to pay to Fiverr, Amazon, eBay, whoever, cause they sell your services, cause they do the most important work for you (distribution, payment process, marketing etc.)…

…just create your own - totally independent - website, work hard, do all these things, others doing right now for you by yourself, and you will get 100 % not 80 % of the gross amount.

This could work, or may be not.

It´s exclusively up on you, to try that.

It’s so easy to complain about everything, but when it comes to doing all that extra work yourself, isn’t it worth to give 20% and save that time for more orders? Totally agree with you.

Fiverr is a great site when it comes to generating huge numbers of potential buyers. That is the role they play. If fiverr stops being successful at that part of the equation then it all falls down.

As long as they are putting potential customers in front of me then I’m happy to pay them their 20%.