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Don't look at their Ranking - Look at their Sales

If you grew up with google as your choice for ranking your website, you did what everyone else did. You would go to google search, type in your primary keyword and study the top websites ranked for that keyword and try to emulate (there is a lot more to it but that is pretty much the jest of it).

Here at Fiverr I did the same. Type in my keyword in Fiverr search and study the top sites ranked for that keyword…BUT NOW…I think this strategy is the wrong approach.

When I search in my area using a search term, someone else in a different area could be using the same search term but get completely different results.

Being ranked on the first page of Fiverr for your keyword doesn’t mean much if you are not getting orders. Now I’m looking at a gig’s queue to see how many orders they have – they could be ranked on page 5 for their keyword in my area, but if they are getting lots of orders they are obviously doing something right. .

Who knows, I’m trying to think out of the box, but still realize that only effort and hard work will get results. If not now, hopefully soon.