Don't make decisions for me, please!


This is toward Fiverr, not any customer. A while ago, they introduced the "copyright " option for graphic gigs, which is good but not what I need, because I have more policy for this matter than just a simple line “I will sell the Commercial right for…”, so I didn’t really pay attention to this. Today one buyer made an order, we discussed and it was over $100, and in order to full fill the amount of money for the price, he chose multi extras I offered, included those he didn’t need, just to get the right total. Of course I didn’t mind at all.

What I minded is one of the extras he had chosen was the "copyright " which I absolutely didn’t turn on because I didn’t need it. I checked my other gigs, this option is turned on as well. That means Fiverr decided to turn it on automatically for me with the basic $5 price. If I sell copyright, it wouldn’t be $5! And now, as I’m at work and on the phone, I have to wait until I got home to check again, to make sure this is off on every gigs.

Imagine this is the “extra fast” option and out of the blue buyers order your gigs expecting to have it within 24hrs when you clearly don’t offer that service, but Fiverr decides you should.

I don’t mind the stars system that some made a fuss about, I don’t mind fiverr being on the buyer’s side most of the time. But I mind having fiverr saying what I would do when I in fact wouldn’t.


I already had my gig extras for commercial licenses set up, but Fiverr won’t allow me to turn theirs off or change the wording of it … it’s been a real pain for me so far. They definitely have some kinks to iron out with this extra.


I hope they get it sorted out before they apply it to every applicable gig! They rarely make sure things work before they roll out, but this could end up losing them a bunch of sellers. Good luck!


Wow thats bad man, I agree with @itsyourthing