Don't make promises that you can't keep



So today was the first time of my life experiencing a setback as a freelancer. My order was canceled even after the order was marked completed and the buyer had rated me five stars.

To explain the situation, it was a promise I made as a seller for a new gig (the gig has never been placed). I told the buyer that I would like to take on his project, and before buying the gig, I would provide a sample site for him to evaluate. I was wrong to not inform him earlier. But after a week, I did what I thought was right and informed him that I would not be able to deliver a site. I was really expecting a different kind of reaction. And you already knew what happened next.

I opened a support ticket as soon as the buyer warned me about his attempt to complain and was politely responded by Natalie. She told me I was not in the wrong but I shouldn’t have made any promises in the first place. This is to ensure that Fiverr is a positive environment for both the sellers and the buyers.

It’s been half a day since the incident happened. I decided to take it as a lesson since I was in the wrong. If the customer are unhappy, I did a bad job and should not be compensated for that.

I take this “L” as an opportunity to grow and it will always be the lesson that I will never forget. And I do hope that from this post, new sellers out there can avoid making the same mistakes I made. Brand promises are very crucial. NEVER make promises that you can’t keep.

P/S: This is my first post ever. Let’s be friends =D.


Oh that feelings when can’t accomplish the job and can not tell to your buyer :stuck_out_tongue: it really makes sick feeling :smiley: best of luck for everyone and for you and to me.


Welcome to the forum. That is a good first post and a lesson well learned. You will find lots of tips, information, and humour here. Enjoy! :slight_smile: