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Dont make silly mistakes!


I joined fiverr a long time ago but started using fiverr just 1 month ago and got really good response, now I have completed more than 15 projects with 5 star review but still not promoted to level one because one person I sent a message about white board animation, if he needs voice over so he reported me. Because of this I am still not promoted as I broke the rules and regulation of fiverr. 5 Star Review

Really feeling so bad that working too hard and then you can not achieve something you are waiting for.

please do not send random messages to anyone. It will effect your ranking.

Syed Raza


You posted in the other thread, insinuating that you were banned from becoming Level 1. Lesson learned & be patient! If you’re really anxious, send a note to Customer Support.


I have sent to them already and waiting for positive response. fingers crossed!

This post is for new user so they can learn something to avoid problems.


Well at least you owned up to your mistake. Goodluck!