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Don't match buyer requests with my skills

I don’t know, Why I don’t get buyer requests with my skills. Sometimes, I get buyer requests 2-10 buyer requests but all time it matches my skills. Is it happens only with me or with everyone?
Please give me tips, By the way, I work with web design and WordPress development.


Maybe, doublecheck to make sure your gigs are in the right categories? It’s also entirely possible there simply is no demand for your current skillset.


@imagination7413 Maybe, But I created my gigs after researcher and follow best-selling gigs, category, etc.

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I think it’s a common problem. Sometimes people post BR in the wrong category or an adjacent category. For example, I used to get BR about voice-over work even though my gigs have been in music mixing and sound design, so related but not really. I also get things of people asking for too many things at once ( "i want you to edit my video AND write a score for it AND produce the sound and oh yeah i have a budget of $20). Others were more understandable because they were in the right category, but maybe they asked for knowledge of a program I don’t own or for a specific subset of skils I don’t have much experience in (such as autotuning).

I’m hoping it’s a bit better now that they have created a category just for synth designing, so at least I can skip all the foley and film sound effects stuff.

In my experience at least, one doesn’t get many hits from BR anyway. So I don’t think there is much you can do, unfortunately, if your gigs are in the right category. Check every once in a while and see if something matching your skill set comes up,


The other problem: For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share (competition)


Good point, The skills he offers especially seem to be a market with more supply than demand

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@imagination7413 Yes! Show it. But What can I do to build my freelancing career?

@paolanoelle Now, I also think about it but can you give any suggestions for my career? My learning was a long process but I spend my time with flustered.

I am by no means an expert seller on fiverr’s terms, but things have been picking up for me so I’ll give you a bit of advice that I’ve learned in university (I take many courses on marketing and customer relationships).

Since there are many people offering your services, you want to differentiate yourself as best as you can. Try to appear human in your gig descriptions and try to put into the spotlight anything that is better or different about your skillset and offering. In my profile I talk about my education and experiences, and in my gig descriptions I try to phrase in a way that highlights my strengths and is professional but still human.

When dealing with customers, you want to have as best service as you can. Which does not necessarily mean just the offering itself, but also in communication with the customer. Be flexible to the customer’s needs and try to go above and beyond their expectations, no matter the service they ask for. Getting you gig seen and then getting interest can be hard, but by treating every customer as important and being able to adapt to their needs, you can win good reviews and possibly even return customers. Remember that statistics show (not on fiverr but in general), that exceeding expectations is what wins you long term customers and additional customers, since customers need to be really pleased before they tell others, while upset customers tell everyone.

I can also recommend tweaking the descriptions, price, and offering of our gigs every once in a while. Sometimes different setups work better and you just have to try things out. I’m often adapting my gigs and testing different pricing levels and so on to see what attracts the most customers (without under charging).


That’s very thoughtful. Thanks for the write up.


Thanks for your valuable advice. I will try to find out my gigs problems and adapting my gig and testing different pricing levels.

By the way, If you need any web design and WordPress development-related bits of help, please message me. If I can help you, it will my pleasure.
Thanks again.

No problem! I will consider it, since I had someone make a design for me a while back I may need to developed.


Okay, I always free for your any type of work, Just you will message me. Have a good day!

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