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Dont miss it ,limited offer😂

This request is so weird
Where on earth is it legal to sell a baby
And also they will pay you if you accept the baby.
You will also be getting a baby swaddle attached wit the baby
Don’t miss it
Limited offer


:joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Oh dear I hope you reported it. And if it’s genuine I hope the person who submitted the request gets the support they need. Anyone genuinely posting something like that is crying out for help.

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I wonder why they choose fiverr as a selling platform :confused:

I’m sure it’s probably not genuine. But these things have to be taken as serious regardless of if they are real or not.

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I have now reported this to Fiverr CS.

Didn’t some influencer couple on YT just give up a baby they crowdfunded to adopt a few months ago? Maybe this is them.

Either way, you always want to be careful buying babies. I don’t see any mention of the species of the infant here. For all we know, this could be a baby Murder Hornet.

Nah. It’s probably just a YouTuber making a "look what I managed to sell or buy on Fiverr vid." It’s the video genre to tap at the moment if you are a wannabe teenage celebrity.

I am sure it is a wannabe teenage celebrity, or some other time waster. But there is the smallest chance it could be real, if it’s is then that’s extremely sad and they need some help.

Also, pretty sure selling babies is a TOS violation :joy:

looks like a translation derp to me

what the galloping heck is baby swaddle?

Tell that to the parents of my 5 kids.

(No, before this gets flagged, I have not been using Fiverr to buy children. It is a joke.)

You are lying right?