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Don't order 1 Day Delivery if you don't have everything ready!

This buyer, who I shall call Derp, contacted me this morning asking me if they can order a 1 Day Delivery extra for a video they want done. My schedule was just starting to clear up so I said yes.

At this point I assumed Derp had everything ready for me. The order is placed…but the requirements still need to be filled. I wait a bit, figuring it would take a little while for Derp to upload everything. Finally I get a notification saying that the requirements have been filled out and it’s time to get to work. Great! I go to the order page to find that Derp has trouble uploading and doesn’t know what to do. Okay, technical difficulties happen. Fine. The only problem is, the 24 hour countdown has begun and I have nothing to work with. :-L

If you’re in such a rush to get something done, wouldn’t it make sense to upload everything before placing the order? In fact, have everything ready before you contact a seller. That way you’ll get your delivery even faster.

This has been “Random Rants With Kim”. You may now continue browsing the forums.

Hey Kim,

I understand how annoying that can be, but a word of advice is that you are careful about posting your frustrations using a word like “derp” to refer to a customer. You never know when that customer could be browsing the forums and they would probably not take kindly to you calling them names, even if they can’t prove you are talking about them. It could be obvious if you only have one express order pending. You really want to avoid a bad review now that you are just getting started. When you are a level 1 seller, a low review can really hurt your rating.

As far as the problem itself, just communicate with the seller and let them know you might take longer to deliver.

Best of luck to you in your climb to the top here at Fiverr!

It’s just advice. If you find it helpful take it, if not discard it. Level 1, level 2, TRS, that applies to anyone.

@hanashivoice yes I know how you feel, I’ve had it happen to me a few times, they make the order and don’t send the requirements and hrs go by, even nudging and sending the reminders doesn’t work, I usually send them 3 reminder msgs then after that I cancel it, explaining they never sent me the requirements or gave me enough time to complete it, so annoying! :frowning:
Oh and I could care less who sees my msgs in here, I’ve posted so many rants, it would be impossible for any one person to pinpoint me talking about them and chances are if they were annoying and I’m ranting about them, I will never do business with them again anyway, I only want business from the buyers who respect me and appreciate the work I do for them, I have no time for the dodgy ones, they can look elsewhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @startselect: I wasn’t trying to call anyone names; I just thought ‘Derp’ was a funny word to use in place of their actual username, since calling out other users by name is not allowed.

And I’m actually Level 2 now, but for some reason my badge isn’t showing up on the forums.

Reply to @hanashivoice:
I don’t know, this is just my opinion, but I think “derp” is rather harmless compared
to other stuff I have seen on this forum. I mean, it is called “ranting pot” for a reason.
True, you never know who is watching so it is always a good idea to be careful.

…having that said, I have called some buyers idiots, j*erks, and many more when I
got really upset with fake orders or had my gig stolen. I know, I should act my age.
but sometimes, you’re too angry to realize it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Kim, I’m sorry you had to deal with this, but hopefully your next seller
won’t put you through stuff like that. :slight_smile: