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Don't order from Fragglesrock


I had a very unfortunate exchange with this seller today. He was hired to create a video. There were a couple things that I didn’t like about the video that he made. I messaged him with an explanation of my concerns expecting that he would respond by saying that he could fix them for an additional fee. I would have been happy to pay an additional fee for the corrections.

But that is not what happened. He immediately submitted to cancel and refund the order. So, I just excepted the refund and began looking for a new gig…that’s when things went very bad.

Below I have pasted one of two childish, disrespectful and threatening comments that he added to our thread.

You be the judge:

"I couldn’t care what you say otherwise I won’t be in business for 26 years. Do you think fiverr is our business? Our pressence is limited here to help small business. What is provided on fiverr is limited for what you get in this case $40. The ppt points where not provided in advance and were written badly with grammar errors. So, what do you expect bud. You basically cheated yourself, you were not honest in advance. You are supposed to provide the info in advance to be assessed. Of course, you as an american won’t admit your fault because of your arrogance. But, wait until your country destroys itself, it’s already a joke. Glad I have my choice where to live in the world. Have a good day! haha."

I don’t believe that this guy should be allowed on Fiverr.

I"ve been ordering different gigs from Fiverr for about 2 years. I plan to continue to do so. This is the first time that I’ve ever been in this forum. Hopefully this wont’ happen again.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. If you’d like to report a user, you can do so directly with Customer Support.


Oh well, he is famous in every way here on Fiverr.