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Don't order from: *******

Terrible experience with ****** or " (self proclaimed). If you try to order with him, his first response will be “how much is your budget” and “do you pay in Crypto”. He is not worried about the customer requesting a project done and giving quality service. He is now refusing my pre payment back to get the project started and he did nothing over 10 days. Do yourself a favor and do not work with this person.

Mod Note Username removed


You are not allowed to reveal the name of seller here.

What you can do is use flag option and report him and his profile if he is asking payments outside fiverr and that is visible in communication.

His account will be erased and you will get your refund.


Calling out specific buyers or sellers on the forum is prohibited. You’ll need to modify your thread title and post and remove mention of the specific name.

What the…paying in crypto and a “pre payment?” Did you place an actual order with him through Fiverr? Such things are not allowed and don’t exist on Fiverr.

Report the seller for his scammy, deceptive practice, but in order to better protect yourself in the future, it would be wise to learn how a platform operates and the rules to abide before sending money into the unknown.


Thank you, i did not want to “call him out” and gave him multiple requests to return the money as no work was done at all. Since he did not return the money i reported him and thought id post this to save any others from having this experience. i’ll remove this “call out” once my payment is returned.

Just giving you a heads up, it will be removed by a moderator if you are unwilling to do it yourself.


Asking to get paid in crypto or pre-paid outside the platform is a straight up banable offence. That seller is breaking Fiverr’s rules in a major way, if you reported him he will be gone fast. There will always be scammers in any business. They just need to be dealt with efficiently.


If you have paid him outside of Fiverr, there’s nothing Fiverr can do to refund you.