Don't order on a time crunch!


"I normally don’t ask for fast results but I’m on a very big time Crunch and for this promo video and it has to be released today. :frowning: I hope you can help me out with that . "

this buyer is very nice and I enjoy the work but then I get this after I said I would rush it 1-2 days for free ( even though my gig is 7est) little did I know she needed it really in 24 hours and I guess she decided to gamble and hope I send it by then instead of purchasing my extra fast 24 hour delivery…

please people be respectful and undestand the time limit or pay extra this is not charity!


Reply to @madmoo: I love your new christmas sketch gig by the way:)


Ugh, I’ve accidentally sabotaged myself for accepting to do multiple gigs very fast for people because they needed it by X…I’ve not had a good night’s sleep in a whole WEEK trying to catch up with all of the work! Don’t do the same mistake I did!