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Don't pass off copyright infringing material

Whilst there are exceptions in certain instances, there are a growing number of people coming to me who are being threatened with legal action for using other peoples designs or selling fake merchandise. In many instances I have actually been able to prevent my fiverr buyers from being sued or having to pay any damages. However they are not always that lucky. First and foremost avoid this illegal conduct. If you can’t resist the urge, get in contact with me for support.

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Great post, Mark. Thanks for that. I will be bookmarking your gig. It’s a shame that there are so many copyright issues on the site. On another, but related note, is there any action someone can take against people who are stealing their photos and visual identity? I, and some other sellers here come across our photos on the internet without permission.


Yeah there certainly is action one can take if a person is using a photograph of yours without permission for a dishonest purpose.

I would need more info on the facts to give a thorough answer, but I will give you a brief answer of yes, there is definitely avenues available to prevent this sort of thing.