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Don't people like to give their orders for a girl? Logo designs and Graphic Designs

I am a Girl. My brother and I start accounts together. My brother is not a good graphic designer. But he get too much orders. Now he is a second level seller. He just doing Logo and Business card designs. He don’t do advance orders. He give them to me. More than 60% of his orders have done by myself. He get more than 10 orders per day. I haven’t got any order since 1.5 months.

Now I think to remove my account and make a new account anonymously. What is your Idea?

People like to order as long as the designer offers high quality work. I already lose faith in you when I see the stolen work in the sample image of your logo gig.

I’m a girl, and I get plentyyyyy of orders. :slight_smile:

Work on making your gig look good. Also, like wp above me said, showcase your own work. You’ll eventually get orders.

Me to getting good orders. Here only work speak Not gender.

i don’t think so dear, Just keep improving on your gig.

I am female and I got enough orders on my best seller to temporarily overwhelm me. Gender is probably not your issue.

Yeah. And see a lot of male sellers from the East who for some reason use pretty European girls as their profile picture to try to sell better. I find that bizarre though.

My best results have come from a female graphic designer, try changing your work examples

Totally a girl and have a full plate… I agree with @brandcorp

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