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Don't place an order like this


A couple of days ago I received an order from a customer that never contacted me before.

In reply to instructions buyer needs to provide to complete the order, he/she answered:

"4 day and send me"

Nothing more, nothing else.

I tried to contact the buyer but I got no reply and next days support will delete this order.

Buyers, please, don’t place orders like this!


Wish I could “like” this post twice!


It happens,you can’t get quality buyers all the time . And when I say ‘quality’ I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. But if you’re a buyer… at least spend 30 seconds of your life and read the instructions of your seller.


… and my question is: is it correct refunding these buyers? See this post


If you don’t refund,you’ll get a negative feedback. I guess refunding is better


In that type of order I would just request a mutual cancellation


I ask support to cancel, it’s not a problem.

But IMHO Fiverr shouldn’t refund them, because both us and support waste time to manage these situations


Reply to @mark74: True,however I’m not sure that this i going to happen in the near future.


this happens to me also but not a problem in such cases fiverr support helps you.


Reply to @mark74: Yes, but then there would probably be a lot of unhappy buyers…


I really don’t like when buyers do that. It’s such a waste of your time! I agree with refunding the buyer; nothing was done. Perhaps, it would be seen as a lesson learnt and they will do better next time.



Reply to @kim_talented: Yeah, and the amount of work of reaching fiverr support to cancel it and reminding the client to give far more detailed instructions - instead of doing work for existing orders…


Reply to @kim_talented:

Some buyers are ignorants. Period


Ahh yes…I’ve had this happen before, and anyone here long enough will have it happen to them. Sometimes it’s best to keep in mind language differences, and always be polite when figuring it out. And if they don’t respond, then you can be happy about Fiverr admin’s resolution of these problems. Seriously, they have awesome support that respond fast!


Reply to @Helena8664: Yes they do. The support staff is friendly and helpful.


Reply to @Helena8664: yes, sure, Fiverr support is wonderful, seriously!! We can have these orders cancelled without losing our reputation, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct we waste our time to contact support to make this happen. I mean, if we sellers don’t deliver good products we can see our gig refused and buyer gets refunded… so why if a buyer makes something wrong should not be sanctioned in some way?


Yeah buyers need to give a full description what they want! If not we never can satisfied them!

So please contact sellers and then order! If not both are going to sick!



It depends on what you’re offering. My buyers don’t need to contact me upfront,it’s enough if they read my description of the gig.


Reply to @rodesigners: well, I develop applications… so it’s hard I can do my work without beeing contacted before :slight_smile:


This as well as ordering a gig, sending no helpful information and then not replying until after the gig is late. I like to get my gigs done within the hour of purchase, however the buyers like to resond to the order with non-helpful information, and then don’t reply for days, sometimes a week at a time (Had one guy do this twice, waited a week before he replied).