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Don't Really Mind

Being pretty relaxed and laid-back concerning projects I may just not want to do myself and pass on the work to another … but … if you can’t complete something I myself wouldn’t have a problem doing within one gig, I simply feel then that we must part ways. Unfortunately, as I don’t like to mess up someone Else’s stats for the estranged cancellation system they have, I suppose I then have to wait and get a half-gig because ( lets call them party x ) feels it necessary that a mere extra 100 words constitutes a service upgrade. Been down this road. I know how it is. I’d much rather take it as some charitable 5.00 and party x not even touch the project because as I’ve simultaneously hired a few others to do the same type of job…and they have already successfully fulfilled their end.

There really should be a non-penalty means of just canceling without messing someone’s stats. Now I’m stuck with a said party x that, even if they do complete their gig, its nothing I want nor do I care at this point. I won’t even begin the rude back and fourth. I understand some work is pretty much what 5.00 will get you, but sooooooome people need to go back to Customer Service 101. This is indeed a rant and a small one at that but I don’t expect anything more than I would do. Heck — I even said " Please just close this gig, I’ll give the green thumbs up and say nothing more. You don’t have to finish anything" just out of kind respect… whats a sacrificial 5 to me anyway, I’ll make it up fast anyhow.