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Don't receive 5 stars. I can tell you why


Hello dear fellow Fiverrs,

This topic is about cooling down some friends here that don’t understand why they don’t gain their 5 Stars even doing a great job.

When I begun with Fiverr last year I also did the same question, but I realized that some Gigs are not something that will give your client the wish to give you 5 even if your job was great. Some examples:
1.Testing services: Personally I would like to know if my App or website is good. But the results of this can be a little provocative per say. So, even knowing you are right, my psychological tendency will be not to rate you;

  1. SEO services: Sometimes it will be our job to push our clients to make it work;

  2. Assistance: Bringing your client to earth is difficult without pointing their mistakes.

Of course that there is other reasons for not getting your client recognition, but the rule of tumb is: Always be professional!

Just about 50% of my sales had the client’s feedback. So, don’t get worried about it and keep the good work!

I can ensure you that you will receive your recognition sometimes.

My best regards and a wish of great business to all,


Agreed, you can’t expect to get 100% reviews! I think your review percentage can based on what kind of gig you have, too. I get 75% reviews.



Better than me! :slight_smile:


No, I wasn’t comparing; I was saying that it’s true that people don’t always review. Even when it’s the sort of gig where you’d expect them to, they don’t always do it.


You mentioned that pointing out mistakes might lower the chances of getting reviews. I admit there is truth in that, but I think in most cases it comes down to communication and showing the value of your work.

For example, I do website audits, which means 90% of my report is pointing out problems areas and opportunities. However, 75% of my orders have received a review and even though I don’t have a lot of orders in Fiverr, I’m getting the same % on other platforms. I never beg for reviews and I don’t send out any reminders either.

I would say that if a seller is struggling to collect their 5-star reviews, then it could be because of poor communication skills or inability to show their value. Most customers can tell if a seller spent 5 minutes or 5 hours on their gig. This happens a lot with SEO services because there are plenty of sellers using automated reports, which takes 5-10 minutes to generate.

Just before anyone starts ranting about how perfect he/she is - yes, there are a number of other reasons. Some buyers forget, some are too busy and some simply don’t care. All I’m trying to say is that if you’re not getting reviews then don’t just sit around. Reevaluate your communication style and try to offer something extra. Writing a review is an extra task for buyers.


Great add from @uxreview! Thank you!


Thanks Arthur , at first i uses to be frustrated when this happens ,but now i know its just another. Yoir response to less than 5 star review influences how you carry out the next task. Stay focused is key