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Don't receive an order for a long time, How do I Improve my Gig

A few months ago, I delivered my last order. After that still, I don’t receive any orders. My gig is beautifully arranged, giving a regular buyer request, still not working. What can I Do?

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The gig you linked to actually does look nice. I would consider replacing the third image, as it doesn’t really add anything. The gig English is good, but you should take a look at what’s in your profile. The price scaling seems a but off, but this isn’t my area of skill, so I can’t really comment on it.
On a second glance, that ‘money back guarantee’ almost makes me think that (if I were a buyer) I’d be going in expecting to be disappointed.

Yes, also in my opinion “money back guarantee” could give a negative not professional impression. Otherwise, if you spend your time for the job, as I do, is right to get paid for it!