Don't Receive Any Order Lately


My rating is 100% and don’t receive any order for the last 3 days. I used to received 6 - 7 order per day and don’t know what happen. Help/////

Is some of this wrong give me bad rating in fiverr??

##2 times late order delivery (not more than 24 hours).

Need to know…


Plus, what should I do?


This is normal but it depends on what you’re offering in fiverr.

Some people could go on for weeks without any orders.


It says you have 2 orders in que.


Hahaha mrs panda


Reply to @mrspanda: Yes. But that is 3 days ago. I don’t receive any orders in last 3 days. Ussually 3 - 5 order per day…


Well, everyone has days even weeks like this… Just take this time to do those two orders. Be grateful for having even two orders in que. some have none :frowning:


same here no order till 2-3 days