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Don't rely on your Fiverr income

Because it can be snatched away from you pretty quickly.

For two-three years I averaged 10-15 sales a day. Sometimes 20 sales, never less than 5. I now average 1 sale a week, only from repeat customers. No new customers. I should be averaging more than that because I have an INCREDIBLY good offer. But, no. I get no impressions on Fiverr, I get no clicks, I get nothing.

Customer support, took away my Top Rated Seller status because I, apparently, abused a member of staff due to a post in the TRS forums, although, what I said was incredibly justified. Trust me. He also told me I could not claim I was from the United Kingdom (even though I am, and submitted tons of details, including passport, bills etc.). Yes, I live in Sweden BUT I am FROM the United Kingdom. I have only lived in Sweden for 2 years. I had, suddenly, had gigs turned off which had been active for 2 years because, apparently, they were too similar to the gigs I already had. So, I lost these gigs:

  • I will write 2 x 500 word reviews
  • I will write 1 x 500 word article

    Apparently, they were too similar to “I will write 2 x 500 word articles” and I was never able to get them activated again. So, I lost the sales and feedback from those gigs, each of which had about 200 to 300 sales. I contacted customer support, they said I could not have them back. So, I lost the repeat customers on those gigs (some people just reorder gigs, they do not establish a rapport with the seller’s account)

    Yes, I have order cancellations. A lot of the time this is down to people ordering the incorrect gig (people try to ‘game’ the system by ordering review gigs under my article gig, because they think it will take a lower amount of time, even if they are informed, well in advance, that it will not)

    NOW, I am earning $3.92 a week, on average, from Fiverr. I put all of my ‘eggs in one basket’ because I was getting a LOT of sales from here.

    I decide to venture away from Fiverr but WHAT IS THIS. I can’t. Why? Because Fiverr cost me sales away from this website. How did they do that, you may ask?

    Well, a while back, one of the sellers on this site, in a bid to steal my sales, started to post VERY negative reviews about me online about how I hack websites, bribe customer support, and steal PayPal money (I do not, obviously). Fiverr were given the opportunity to have these reviews removed but they did not want to do so (and to this day, they will not provide assistance or give me any reasons as to why they refuse to help, I guess it is because they just can’t be bothered?). So, I have those reviews costing me money, and that seller, who has been identified, is still contacting clients that I deal with away from Fiverr.

    Basically, Fiverr has ruined things for me. I make no money from it, and I have no idea why (I have 100% positive feedback, other than the late delivery cancellations, over thousands of orders). They will not assist me with removing negative reviews online, they will not allow me to run certain gigs, even if they are nowhere near similar to what I already have, and they will not allow me to claim I am British, when I am.

    So, do not rely on your Fiverr income. If it is the only form of income you have, you are going to get screwed later on down the line.

I would say to quit pointing fingers and take responsibility. Sounds like from what you are saying that you are aware of why and how. I’d recommend focusing on getting your own traffic and impressions to your gig/gigs until fiverr feels you should get some of their super perks of being a solid and polite seller in the marketplace.
Using the Fiverr brand behind your freelance services is better than doing it on your own when you are at a beginner/startup level. Social media, Adwords, etc. SO many other ways to bring traffic to your gigs that YOU can do, just quit blaming Fiverr because it sounds like you are fully responsible and I think you also know that because you give about 3 reasons why you are where you are today.

Good luck and don’t give up!

Then you will probably stay where you are because it sounds like you have some pent up frustrations and Fiverr may not be for you anymore since you aren’t willing to do some things on your own to show them that you are serious and dedicated. They see posts like this and it doesn’t help your case, especially since you wrote so much that you could use that time to find a SOLUTION instead of dwelling on the problem. Look at yourself and make a decision and go hard. Don’t blame fiverr, don’t blame another seller. It’s all on you bro, and you are responsible for EVERYTHING in your life, regardless what you think.
Make it happen one way or another, but I’d recommend to stop feeding the anger and spite and push on optimistically, with or without fiverr, whatever works best for YOU.
:slight_smile: I’m not trying to push your situation aside, I don’t know the story and don’t want to know. I’m just saying that the only way to overcome is to provide solutions and action, not blame and finger pointing. IMO.
I wish you the best either way as I believe you are a good seller and person, but sometimes you have to accept, learn, and re-apply. Trust me, I use to find ways to push blame for my lack of sales, but then I looked in the mirror, took action, and now am busier than ever in a time where everyone else is scrambling. Marketing, advertising, social media, adwords, word-of-mouth. If you aren’t proud enough to bring outside traffic to your Fiverr site, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate your strategies.

LOL, I haven’t been on this page until recently, but I am in complete agreement with dtongsports. I actully don’t see how ryan is even in agreement with himself. I saw the first read flag when you said you spoke harshly to a client and then followed ti with it was completely justified. INCREDIBLY justified, but your tone overall appears to be quite, what’s the term, I can’t think of it, but its a diluted vinegar wash for women.

Anyway, don’t make yourself so “easy” to contact in real life. Chances are, not only are you easy to contact (real name aside), but you were caught giving reference to your real contact info.

It doesn’t matter if you are from the UK, if you are now in Sweden isn’t that how Fiverr is set up to work, that you need to post where you are actually living? Since CL tracks IP addresses and locations that makes sense. And if using your method, then what is stop everyone from putting in any country they wish to say they are from?

Look, Fiverr should never have been used for full time income. I think you are just getting the biggest lesson out there for being a freelancers which is that you never put all your eggs in one basket. That is the number one rule of freelancing.

I think it was also a mistake to use your real name, because you can then be contacted way too easily outside of Fiverr. And once Fiver knows you are communicating at all with someone outside of Fiverr that is not going to get you a warning. I wonder about the people that use their real names and why they choose to do that when all the rest of buyers are mostly anonymous.

But the bottom line is, if you no longer wish to work on Fiverr, then you do not have to, just go create your own website, and then drive traffic to your own personal website instead of here to Fiverr gigs. Not sure what else to say.

Reply to @dtongsports: I had a perfectly fine business away from Fiverr until Fiverr let their seller run riot and Fiverr refused to do anything about it.

The only issue I said was related to me was people ordering incorrect gigs…

The views on my gig were there UNTIL fiverr took away some of my more successful gigs for no apparent reason (writing gigs, so nothing against the rules), because they were too similar to what I had (these other gigs offered different writing styles and word counts). I can’t fight against that. As I said, I have had thousands of positive feedbacks with ZERO complaint about the quality of writing.

The only account warning I have ever had is due to a ‘lack of sales’ when my gig was paused for too long.

I can give you a number of other ‘wrongdoings’ Fiverr has made in recent months, not just on my account, but the accounts of people who are messaging me on a daily basis.

Ever had a gig cancelled due to a PayPal chargeback? I have. Now, Fiverr bans the buyer if that happens. However, what they do not tell you is that if the buyer cancels their chargeback, they get unbanned HOWEVER Fiverr do not give the money back to the seller that they have reclaimed. It goes into the Fiverr pot. They should give the money back to the seller, but they do not, because they do not have the systems in place to do so. Nice little earner for them, right? (and this is a procedure which has been confirmed by customer support staff)

Customer support sent me a ‘warning’ for being too easy to contact away from Fiverr (somebody contacted me through Facebook, I told Fiverr, I was punished because it was too easy for the buyer to contact me). This was all because I used my real name. That is unfair. This is the point where sales started to drop off. If you go to the TRS forum, you will see that my complaint was related to this and the fact that customer support refused to help me (this was the point that all of my gigs started to get turned off and I, eventually, lost the Top Rated Seller status I held for a shade under three years). I have had 16 sales total since that point.

Why should I drive sales to the Fiverr platform when:

  1. Fiverr refuses to do anything about the death threats people have sent me via PM.
  2. Fiverr refused to assist me with the negative reviews one of their sellers posted about my Fiverr services which cost me thousands and thousands of dollars of business elsewhere.
  3. Fiverr provided zero help when it came to the falling off of sales other than to take my gigs offline, bar one, my least popular one.

If they sort out those issues, I will be more than happy to drive people to their site.

(I have not mentioned the issues people have sent me via messages on Fiverr, they can post here if they want)

But, please, do tell me how I am responsible. I would love to know. There was nothing I could do about the falling sales (I did not even appear under the TRS category when I was a TRS, and nobody knew why). I am, obviously, not going to drive traffic to my gig from elsewhere.

I am far more than just a ‘start up’ in the world of writing. I had a pretty decent thing going before I landed on Fiverr, but that fizzled out once the seller in question started to contact the clients that I put in the portfolio on my website. So, at that point, I had to rely on my Fiverr income because every time I gained a new client or posted a new job offer somewhere, that seller would spring up. Fiverr had proof of this, but refused to even ban the seller (they eventually got promoted to TRS)

Reply to @sincere18: I absolutely agree with not putting all of your eggs in one basket. I’ve got to disagree with the idea that we shouldn’t use our real names or that not very many people do that. Almost every single one of my buyers signs off their messages with their real name. I started doing it because it creates a more personal connection which first, makes people nicer (they’re less likely to go off the wall about $5), and second, establishes a relationship that is more likely to turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer.

Buyers also often give me links to their websites, which contain detailed contact information that would make it extremely easy to get in contact with them outside of Fiverr, should I want to compromise my business here and do so. Providing these links is never discouraged and is, in fact, encouraged.

It’s also really easy to do a reverse image search of our profile pictures (and Fiverr has encouraged us to use real pictures of ourselves) and find us elsewhere online, even if we never gave that buyer our real names. I’ve had buyers do a reverse image search on me enough times I had to remove the picture I use here from other websites. And I’ve seen other sellers who don’t have even a part of their real name in their username tell similar stories.

The point is, on that specific topic, it’s not fair to put the blame back on the sellers, when buyers seek them out outside of Fiverr. Buyers won’t trust us if we have blank profiles and we’re encouraged to build relationships with buyers, but we’re also somehow supposed to keep ourselves completely anonymous? It doesn’t track.

Reply to @smilekeith: I never said I was harsh to a client. Customer support gave me suggestions on how to boost my sales again and I said "that doesn’t help. I know that’, or something along those lines, then she said ‘don’t be rude’ (if the words were different, it was certainly no more harsh than what I said)

I have never actually given my contact details to anybody from Fiverr away from Fiverr. EVER. If I was, that would have caused me to lose my level completely. I did not lose my level until a month later. Fiverr can go back through my ‘reports’ as I report everybody who asks for my private contact information.

Reply to @sincere18: I have something against somebody say, from India, putting that they come from the United States in order to drive more sales, despite never coming from there. My situation is completely different though. I am British and my business is actually based in the UK. I am not covering anything up. The language used on the site is "From: " and I am From: United Kingdom not From: Sweden. I was allowed to use From: United Kingdom for three years with no issues (it was changed by a member of customer support so that it did not change based upon where I was at the time). That was until Ryan in customer support got involved then he set it to Sweden permanently (the day I lost my TRS) and sales went down from that point as nobody wishes to order content from somebody that lives in Sweden (and I have been told this by some potential clients)

I have my own website, it makes a number of sales. But, I lost a good number of potential clients due to the seller on this site contacting them directly.

Reply to @ryangillam: From watching your posts over time and looking at your profile, I just don’t think you lost your badge over location. You had dozens of late cancellations that gave you automatic 1 star feedback. It went on for months. I’ve seen your mention of serious illness, maybe even driven by the stress of a long queue and problems with CS.

No matter why you had so many late deliveries or non-deliveries though, it made your profile look terrible. Lower levels often lose their whole accounts for that kind of thing. You were probably lucky to keep a level 2 badge.

Reply to @ryangillam:
Looks like they changed it back to UK for you!

Reply to @fonthaunt: I never said I lost it over location. I said that as soon as I lost TRS, they changed my location and said it had to be that way. I then had a few people asking where I was from and if I was Swedish they did not wish to order from me.

The stress and illness was caused by a problem customer support created, yes.

There were only a few cancellations amongst thousands of delivered orders. Some of the cancellations which remain are from people who submitted no information for the gig or ordered the incorrect gig, mainly over the past few months.

The actual reason for removal of my TRS was “abuse of staff” or something along those lines, the feedback really did not come into question. They, apparently, did not like that I asked so much for their help in sorting out an issue (the review issue I mentioned previously). They won’t tell me exactly what I said though. I went through all of the tickets I created over the years and did not find a single piece of swearing (unless I am copy and pasting something a client said to me). My level went the day after I asked for the details of their legal team.

Reply to @mgjohn78: They did. I fully expect it to be changed again soon though.