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Don't repone from bayer

I have sent 60 more buyer requests to witness but no one has knocked yet. How can I keep sending bye requests or start marketing on social media? Someone will tell me which way I should go.

You need to improve your proposals. Read this for some valuable tips:

I will also suggest that you do some of your own research. You can, for example, use the search function to find great advice on this forum.

Also, a buyer does not “knock” you. They “message” or “contact” you.


Don’t get disappointed. Keep on sending request to buyers. You can start promoting your gig on social media.

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To be honest it is a bit challenging to get orders now. So your gig basically needs to be top notch. It can’t be just another random gig. If I ask you what is so different about you than the other sellers. Can you answer? That is exactly how the buyer thinks. There are a lot of resources you can gather here. Use them and learn from them. Good luck !!!


Without being too harsh, the answer is in your own forum post.

Fiverr is an English based website. In order to communicate effectively and therefore attract buyers, you need to be able to write clearly and make yourself understood.

Your three short sentences are littered with errors. If that is an example of how you communicate when sending buyer requests - then you have your answer.