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Dont Report Spammers.... My Messaging Disabled, after I reported a SPAMMER... Now Waiting on Support

All my messaging abilities, Quotes to clients and customers/prospects is shut down all because I reported a SPAMMER… Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Because basically if they get upset about it, then they can in turn report you and the fiverr system automatically bumps you from messaging until account support can look it over. Now I get an email automated from them stating they are 2 to 3 days from responding…

How in the world can I get new business quoted out, or anyone feel good about doing business with me if they cannot message me… SERIOUSLY people DONT REPORT ANYTHING on fiverr messaging, it will blow up in your face, and cost you like it has / is me…

If it’s any conciliation Support is on this quickly, and getting it resolved. and the User offering 5000 twitter followers instantly is booted from here completely.

I am having a huge issue now because a buyer got banned while we were working on a sale. They continued to be able to send messages for several days after getting banned. I kept getting the ‘cannot contact this user’ message, they kept asking why I wasn’t responding.

Now I have a denied gig and have to jump through some more hoops because of our wonderful automated messaging system here.

Yikes… It really is a kick in the teeth when we as sellers rely on this for our livelihood.


And Fiverr Support has it resolved. Awesome Experience! Thanks for the help Maria!

I think something funny was going on with the messaging system earlier and they fixed it. I had a thread that was marked as “reported” when I didn’t report it. It was an odd thread, but not necessarily reportable. I posted about it on the forum but didn’t turn in a ticket or do anything else as it didn’t affect me directly. Just now I went back to my inbox and it is magically fixed like nothing ever happened. (May have been one of the infamous Fiverr spellcasters involved in the Battle of the Spellcasters on the forum late last night.) :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: (Sidebar: Just FYI to anyone offering psychic or other similar services on Fiverr, I think every individual seller has a right to offer any service they feel they can fulfill and real buyers have a right to buy them. My spellcaster tease was in reference to a specific person or person(s) that were writing weird forum posts last night on multiple accounts.)